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Well at long last, and only 18 days late, I am happy to say the Boutiko Summer Sale has now begun!

So if you had your eye on something, chances are you can now afford to treat yourself as it’ll be a lot cheaper! You will find up to 50% off many products (and more in some cases), as we are planning to introduce lots of lovely new stock in the autumn. 

Our lovely little Girl’s Cardigan, handknitted from soft organic cotton by skilled craftswomen in Paraguay, is down from £28.50 to £20.00.

Our fair trade hand embroidered silk handbags are now £24.99, down from £29.99…..

And our jewel coloured recycled leather A-Zs are reduced from £18 to £13.50.

Plus a whole lot more reductions on our website!

So don’t miss out – our sale is on only while stocks last, so if there’s something you’ve been lusting after, now’s the time to find a bargain!


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Click here to pledge to consume less paper!

I have come to a decision about paper. Despite the fact that Boutiko only uses recycled paper, recycles everything that possibly can be reused in any way, and also that I am a list making afficionado who would be lost without the white (or beige, slightly flecked) stuff, there are going to be a few changes round here.

The reason is twofold; due to the nightmare logistics of moving to a new home and city and not having the internet (STILL!), I have been forced to stop printing invoices to place in customer orders. No one has said a thing about it, and given that everyone receives an email invoice anyway, I am wondering why I didn’t do this sooner. Then I read about Shrink, which is ‘addressing the madness of the overconsumption of paper’, and that decided me.

From now on all Boutiko orders will be sent without a printed invoice, unless specifically requested. A mere drop in the ocean but still, something.

EDIT: Good intentions and all that….. due to recent events not at all helped by a lack of invoice, I will reluctantly be reinstating the inclusion of invoices/packing slips with orders. The customer has to come first, and I can’t compromise on that. Nevertheless I shall be taking extra care to recycle reuse paper to within an inch of its life from now on. (Although I was of course doing that anyway!)

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Quick Update

I moved house (and city) on Wednesday and have no internet and no landline for at least a week. I am currently living therefore in an internet cafe at the bottom of my road. I will write again as soon as these minor details are resolved and I can move back into my new home.

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