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I did try to do my own PR.  I slogged away and even called thirty journalists one morning, to be met with indifference at best. It was most disheartening, but I felt the business couldn’t really afford to pay a PR full time. I can write, but I don’t have all the know how, or the contacts and standing you really need to win those journos over.

And then Lisa Jackson of Eurydice PR came into my life. Lisa can do:

  • Copywriting for promotional literature, newsletters and E-zines
  • Blog writing and placement on line
  • Feature Writing and placement in the press
  • Press Releases for on-line and print media use
  • Media Research & Article Placement
  • Newsletters and E-zines
  • Public Relations
  • Direct Marketing Campaigns
  • Exhibition & Event Services
  • Fundraising and Sponsorship

and all with an ethically and environmentally sound approach!

The main point about Lisa though is that she is extremely good at what she does, efficient, dedicated and also supportive, a quality I was not necessarily expecting, but which is most welcome as someone who runs their business single handedly! Lisa is flexible and full of fantastic ideas for press releases. She knows the business inside out having been in it for over 16 years, and has been both journalist and PR so she knows how it works on both sides of the fence.

Because of all the above, Lisa is very busy at the moment with lots of ethical businesses banging her door down for help, but if you fancy your chances you can catch her here: Eurydice PR.


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