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Brenda from The Green Familia has written us up very temptingly today:

Boutiko still have a fantastic sale on at present, with up to 65% off their wonderful range of gifts.  Not only that order now and you will receive a 10% off voucher to use with your next order.  Sounds like a wonderful budget idea from Tara at Boutiko.

So why not choose one of these perfect ethical gifts for your special man on valentines day this year?

Timu Leather Journal – Was £29.95 now £15.

Sterling Silver Football Keyring – Was £30 now £18.

Spataro Cufflinks (Focus) – Was £50 now £35.

Sheesham Wood Photograph Frame – Was £16.95 now £8.50.


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We’ve had a delivery of Oneless bags, in the most beautiful jewel colours:


Here are the Oneless facts:

~ Handmade from recycled saris by disadvantaged women in the UK and India

~ Fair trade

~ Can carry up to 2kg (although I reckon it’s a lot more than this – these bags are STRONG)

~ Machine washable

~ Tuck away into their own pocket to fit easily into your handbag

~ Only £8.99 until January 31st!

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I’m not a fan of talking about Valentine’s Day a month in advance (or at all really), but them’s the breaks in this business, and we have just received the most beautiful pieces which would be perfect Valentine’s Gifts. Have a look at these babies:

A sterling silver love letter inside a sterling silver envelope, hung on a lovely silver chain so you will always be able to open the envelope and think of your loved one.


And this one has chocolate in it, as well as a gorgeous winged heart necklace! It’s from Rococo, a boutique chocolatier from which I used to live around the corner, and let me tell you, this is GOOD chocolate.


We also have the ever popular Chiming Heart Necklace back in stock. It contains a gorgeous chime based on the ancient Mayan chimes, and is wonderfully soothing for meditation and relaxation. Also excellent for calming babies!


These are just a few of the delights available on our website. We are so excited about the gorgeous new stock (and there is more to come!), and we know you’ll love it too.

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While our sale busily makes way for the new stock, the new stock has been arriving! Speaking for myself, and also at least two friends I can think of, stationery rocks. Even better is stationery that is recycled, made in the UK and that comes in biodegradable packaging. Like Sarah Hough’s beautiful notebooks and notecards, which arrived yesterday and are already on the virtual shelves of Boutiko.

Here’s a little taster to get you in the mood….skinnycupcakes1



Even better, every single bit of it is under £10! Perfect little birthday gifts in these tricky times.

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Voting has started for the Ooffoo Laureate, as featured on http://www.naturalcollection.co.uk. To vote for my article, ‘Craft begins at home’, please click this link; https://www.surveymonkey.com/s.aspx?sm=qlFU4Im4elMRBk5DWu4gtw%3d%3d

Thank you! Winning could mean £500 for Boutiko, which would mean lovely new ethical gifts for YOU!

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freeimages.co.uk workplace imagesMy uncle collects stamps, in a geeky, philatelist sort of way. There’s another, dare I say it, better way to collect stamps though, for the RNIB. If you save up the stamps from your post, separate them into UK and Overseas stamps, and then send them off to this address:



RNIB Stamp Recycling
PO Box 185

…the RNIB can use them to raise money for blind and partially sighted people. It only takes a few seconds to remove the stamps, while you’re sorting the envelopes for recycling say, then bung them in an envelope in the kitchen drawer, and when it’s full, send it off!

I do sometimes wish Tesco hadn’t appropriated the phrase ‘every little helps’, but it is true.

For further info, see RNIB.

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I recently bought a magic stapler. It doesn’t use any staples thus making recycling easier and meaning you need never buy staples again. It can ‘staple’ up to four pieces of paper together, using a very clever punch and fold system.

“If everyone in UK offices saved just one staple a day, we’d save 72 tonnes of metal a year”.
Source: Wasteonline


Image, and indeed stapler, from My Eco Store

Who knew stapling could be so fun.

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