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Supplier 101. I’ve decided that since the suppliers are one of the essentials of my business, they deserve some airtime on my blog.  And I know that as a customer, I like to know where my purchases come from. So coming up, a weekly (or thereabouts!) glimpse behind the scenes at the people who make what you buy. Watch this space!


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Call me shallow, but I don’t like eco things that look too, you know, ‘eco’. I think you will know what I mean by this, and of course it’s horses for courses. But I really covet these trainers from Ethletic, and if I’m honest it’s probably because they have the bonus of looking like Converse.no_blau_low11

They come in several colours, including white with a red stripe and pink in both classic low cut and hi top. You can buy them at Fair Deal Trading and they cost from around £30. As soon as I’ve worn my current 925 pairs of trainers out, I’ll be buying some for myself.

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Eco Advertising

People really do have some incredible ideas. Curb is an advertising company who uses only natural materials to produce campaigns. They can make masterpieces in sand…

pic_sand_02..using grass…..

pic_logrow_02….or snow…..

pic_done_extreme_04… they can even use the sun’s rays to burn an advertisement onto wood.

pic_burn_13They can also clean your logo or ad into the pavement. I find it inspiring when people use their imaginations in this way. You can really get your name out there and under people’s noses, without using any paper!

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procrastinationThanks to weblogcartoons.com for exactly summing up my feelings.

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Yes, another one! This time, the prize is one of our gorgeous silk fair trade Daisy Bags in blue.


The competition is running on Daisy Green Magazine, and here’s what they say:

To celebrate Fairtrade fortnight, the lovely people at Boutiko.co.uk have given our readers the chance to win this pretty Daisy bag.

Boutiko are an online gift shop who supply beautiful and unusual handmade, recycled, organic and fair trade gifts.

Perfect for day or evening use, this embroidered silk bag is a lovely gift on its own, but matching jewellery rolls and coin purses are available. The bag is 35 x 45 cm, and this one has a brown satin lining and closes with a large popper.

The bags are designed by a company in the UK but they are made in Vietnam on a fairtrade basis.

The competition will run until the end of Fairtrade Fortnight on the 8 March 2009.

When you enter Daisy Green Magazine giveaways, you will automatically receive our monthly newsletter, which you can unsubscribe from should you wish.

If you want a chance to win this lovely  bag, ready for spring weddings or lunch with the girls or a night out or….

Head over to Daisy Green now! Good Luck!

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Giveaway Winner!

Congratulations to Danni at Oh, Hello Friend on winning the skinny notebook!

And don’t forget – there is 10% off all Boutiko purchases for Tea For Joy readers until the end of February – just enter the code ‘teaforjoy’ at checkout.

If you are gutted about not winning the notebook, hop over to Boutiko and buy yourself one with your discount! They are only £1.95  and that’s without the 10% off!

There are several designs, including this one, called ‘Green Fingers’. All 100% recycled and made in the UK.


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I met a lovely girl called Ellie  at an eco fair a while ago,  where she was promoting her book, Michael Recycle. It’s a book for children to teach them about the benefits of recycling in a fun and exciting way.


“I’m Michael Recycle for all that I’m worth!
I’m green and I’m keen to save planet Earth!”

Michael Recycle is not just your average super-hero; he’s a new kind of super-hero in a new kind of world. A world that has left reason behind and is eating up its own resources like a monstrous and unstoppable eaty-uppy thing. Where pollution prevails, the number of rainforests is rapidly reducing and littering louts like Litterbug Doug are building towers of trash reaching up to the moon!

Luckily for us Michael Recycle is on a mission to save planet earth from drowning in waste at the hands of its lazy and wasteful inhabitants…but he needs your help!

Join Michael in his recycling revolution…
but remember, have fun!

After all it’s a very renewable resource!

Ellie has also written The Tail of the Whale, and, coming out this month, Litterbug Doug. She has written the books in a lovely rhyming style, which reads well and engages children’s attention. I really recommend this book for making the concept of recycling fun.

To find out more, go to the Michael Recycle website.

Or pop over to Amazon where you can have a look inside before you buy!

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