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Boutiko is headed in a new direction. I can’t reveal exactly what just yet, but in order for fresh new things to come in, we need to make some space! Right now, there are some truly massive discounts over in our SALE section on the website.

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superBalance Me Super Trio

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footballkeyringFATHERS DAY ALERT!

Sterling Silver Football Keyring

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Let’s face it, any chocolate is good chocolate, pretty much. But raw chocolate  is REALLY good chocolate.  Good because the ingredients are traded fairly, because as many of those ingredients as possible are produced locally (and those that aren’t are shipped over, not flown), because you can eat it if you’re vegan, and because this chocolate is HEALTHY. That’s right, it’s actually important that you eat it because it’s full of nutrients and oils and superfoods. AND, it tastes really good! 


I’ve been keen to try raw chocolate for ages, and then I found a bar of Conscious Chocolate (there are of course several other makes) in a local health food store, and (purely in the interests of research) I felt compelled to try it. 

If you haven’t eaten raw chocolate, it’s different from the usual sort in taste and texture, being less sweet and less smooth.  I really liked it, but I think you have to be prepared for it to be a bit rougher round the edges, so to speak.

Nevertheless, with all its health and ethical benefits, I’d be inclined to eat more of this than any other kind, if it weren’t for the price. Raw chocolate is more expensive, there’s no getting around it. I guess this is a combination of small rate of production, the superfoods that go into it, the shipping in of certain ingredients and the eco conscious packaging (all done by hand). Hopefully this will one day no longer be the case, but I also think that because this chocolate is so rich and filling,  you genuinely need a lot less to get your fix.

I recommend that you try it, I really do. If you need less it becomes more of a treat and will probably balance out your usual consumption (assuming you’re a chocolate fiend, and if you’re not, lucky you!), just don’t expect it to help you lose weight! It packs a bit of a calorie punch, but then, they are GOOD calories.

For more info, visit www.consciouschocolate.co.uk

Here’s a bit of info I lifted from their site (look! no sugar!):

Raw Chocolate Ingredients                                                                                     Raw Cacao powder
Raw Cacao Butter (oil of the chocolate beans when powdered)
Raw organic Coconut Butter
Raw organic Agave Syrup (cactus nectar used as a sweetener and suitable for diabetics)
Raw organic wild Carob
Himalayan Sea Salt, Cayenne Pepper (to activate the chocolate) and Spices.

Each bar of chocolate has the above as a base and then a variety of raw nuts, seeds, and fruits and berries are added as well as super foods, essential oils and zest to make the range of different raw chocolate bars.

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