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New in for Valentine’s Day this year, we have some gorgeous rose prints from RawXclusive for £35,  and some delicious lavender scented hearts in two very different styles, from £8.50. Snap them up before February 14th!


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We are now stocking these gorgeous wee hearts which come in pairs and are filled with lavender.

Two hanging hearts handstamped with the words ‘LOVE’ and ‘KISS’ , and make a lovely accessory that will keep your clothes smelling delicious and moth free, or just look pretty on a doorhandle!

A perfect gift for Valentine’s Day.

Red ticking fabric with linen message label.

More messages coming soon. Please ask about personalising too.

Approx 16 x 9cm

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I’ve had some new postcards made – a bit late for fairs as I did the last one on Tuesday, but now if you place an order you will also get one of these!

I use A Local Printer, an eco printing firm based in Chichester, so not only are they local, they also fulfil the ethical criteria! What I love about them is:

~ Ordering is easy.

~ P&P is free.

~ They do short runs.

~ All paper/card/inks used are environmentally friendly.

~ They are very quick and efficient.

~ You can have the FSC logo printed onto each card at no extra cost.

Also I’ve just noticed they’re doing ec0 wrapping paper now! I would definitely recommend using them if you’re looking for excellent quality, eco friendly printed material.

And no, they’re not paying me!

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I would really love to make all my Christmas presents this year. I did a pretty good job of it last year after doing pottery classes and producing all sorts of baked clay goodies for my loved ones, but this year both time and inspiration are sadly slightly lacking. The thing is craft is such a massive thing now, especially with the recession forcing so much tightening of belts, that there are more reasons than ever to think about crafting Christmas presents for your nearest and dearest. For one, it’s immensely satisfying and meaningful (although I’ll admit that it is STILL difficult to think up things for men, especially if you can’t knit), secondly it’s eco friendly, and thirdly, it is or can be much cheaper than buying expensive high street gifts.

I just stumbled across these instructions to make a shopper bag from Daisy Green, an online magazine dedicated to all things green, eco and cool, but if you don’t have a way with a sewing machine, there are always our (very affordable, pretty and extremely durable and useful) Oneless Plastic Bags!



If you are a dab hand with the knitting needles you could have a go at knitting a soft grey lacey scarf, courtesy of Folksy Makes, but if not, no bother, we have just the thing – a soft grey cotton jersey scarf!

Grey Spot Scarf£19.99

If you have a stash of bright buttons, some felt and a needle and thread, you could try making a brooch, (another Folksy Make), or you could choose one of our recycled felt brooches – still ethical and handmade (just not by you….)!


Make your own screenprinted card, or buy a set of our handmade, recycled, UK designed and produced notecards.



Now these Upcycled Paper Beads really ARE easy, and no fancy schmancy equipment required. But if you’re all thumbs, guess what. Yup, we have jewellery! And very affordable and pretty it is too. What about this bright and beautiful necklace?indianfestivalnecklace


Lots of ideas, whether you’re a DIY sort of person, or a BIY type (yes, that’s Buy It Yourself). Happy shopping!

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We have a new supplier! Helen Sinden is an artist based in Brighton, East Sussex who has been working with wood for fifteen years. She graduated from the University of Brighton in 1994 with a degree in three dimensional design, and now makes automata and beautiful chunky boxes from reclaimed wood.box02

We are very pleased to be stocking a selection of Helen’s boxes. Each one is carefully crafted, sometimes with words stamped on the front, given a soft wash of paint which is then distressed, and embellished with gorgeous little hand carved wooden hearts, birds and flowers. Inside, Helen lines the boxes with fragments from vintage maps.box01detail

Helen says ‘Creating a new and engaging object from the recycled, discarded wood I collect is its own inspiration along with a love of quirky objects and folk art’. She takes inspiration from the seaside town she lives in – the natural hues of the pebbles and sand, the delicate paintwork on weather worn boats and wooden beach huts, the pastels of flavoured ice cream.box08two

Each piece is a one off – once it’s gone, it’s gone! Nip over to the website now to see the delicious selection we have for you!

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I am VERY excited about our newest products, which arrived today and are already in the shop!

Handmade by Hayley, is, as the name suggests, lovely eclectic jewellery handmade by Hayley Malcolm in the UK. She has worked in the fashion industry both here and in the US before deciding to set up on her own.

Each piece is made by Hayley herself and only a few of each are made, guaranteeing you that satisfying level of exclusivity. Every one is a mini work of art in itself, a strong statement and just the thing to brighten up an outfit. And as if that weren’t enough, the prices are very recession friendly – between £10 and £16! I’d advise you to start stocking up for Christmas now – sister, mum, best friend – who isn’t going to love these?! I can tell you they are even more gorgeous in the flesh and beautifully made as well.

Reckon this Turquoise Fun Bracelet‘ll be a bestseller…


This Indian Festival Necklace is my personal favourite.


Red and Brown Eclectic String Necklace

redandbrowneclecticnecklaceIf you’re looking for an affordable gift for a friend, what about combining one of Hayley’s pieces with a jewellery rollJRdetail

or a purse?purses

I’ve just thought of another Good Thing about this jewellery – it’s all slip on – no tricky clasps. Just fling over your head or onto your wrist and you’re off!

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A Short Walk tick a lot of ethical boxes. They are a UK based company making clocks for home and garden out of recycled vending machine coffee cups, by hand. Local, handmade, recycled products, tick tick tick (tock).recycled_outdoor_clock_-_classic_outside_shot_against_wood

The cups come from the Save-A-Cup scheme, which collects millions of coffee cups every week for recycling. More than a billion cups have been saved so far, and when you see what can be produced from something not traditionally known for its inherent beauty, it really is very satisfying.recycled_clock_classic

A Short Walk have spent a lot of time working out how to make recycled coffee cups NOT look and feel like recycled plastic, and I think they’ve done a jolly good job. The clocks are perhaps surprisingly quite heavy and solid, and look very much like slate. recycled_clock_traditionalPlus, the clock/thermometers can be kept outside as they are frost resistant, and the white digits mean they can be easily read from several metres away at the bottom of the garden.recycled_outdoor_clock_-_close_up_outside_shotWe stock the clocks and thermometers shown here, priced £24.95 and £26.95. They have proved extremely popular as wedding gifts and feelgood purchases for homes and gardens. Check them out on our website.

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