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I’m writing a lot at the moment because I get the feeling there may be swathes of time approaching when I simply don’t have time to. Day Two of Being My Own Boss has been one of the most stressful and euphoric of my life!

I think the words ‘teething problems’ may have been invented for this morning, when PayPal decided not to work and almost immediately two orders came in.  After many expensive minutes on the helpline and even more emails pinging back and forth between the web developers and me, it all came good, which left me with only 4635 more things to do.

I was going to say that in retrospect I wouldn’t send out over a hundred emails to friends and family announcing a business launch if everything is not working 100%, but since all the testing worked the only way to find out was for people to actually order. And hopefully there’s been no real damage done.

Then there is the fact that uploading photos is not my forte. It’s frustrating that people are missing out on nice things because I’m an idiot with Photoshop.

Another issue was that someone was put off by the lack of padlock as an indication of security. Absolutely right to be careful, and that is also now in hand, although both PayPal and Protx, the payment processor, are padlocked and totally secure.

Next on the list is Order More Stock (discipline required), start Sending Out Press Releases, Apply to Online Directories, Finish Uploading Products, Plan for Two (small) Fairs in December, and then a Bunch of Niggly Stuff which escapes me just now……………….

I must go and consult my Post Its.


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~ It’s all consuming. And if you don’t love that, you shouldn’t be doing it, because it’s going to become your life for a while. Probably a long while. Besides, why would you start something so huge if you didn’t feel passionately about it?

~ Some days you wonder what the hell you’re doing, and why you ever thought you could do this. You’ll feel overwhelmed by the task you’ve taken on. This is normal. It also passes.

~ Don’t be hasty. Think things through but always go with your gut in the end.

~ Stuff goes wrong. This is also normal, and clichéd though it is, you really do learn more from the mistakes and problems than you do from the times when everything’s going smoothly. (Make sure you DO learn!…..)

~ Never be afraid to ask for help. Getting a business off the ground will take all your internal resources, and sometimes you will have to look outside yourself. There are some great sources of information out there, including forums, books and websites.

~ The more work and effort you put in, the more people and events will appear in your life to help you along. Like American author Joseph Campbell said; “Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls.” This is true. Try it, you’ll see.

~ Keep sight of your reasons for starting in the first place. Make a visualisation board of all the things you want to achieve and provide for yourself and your loved ones. My board is based on a Kabbalah version and has a picture of me in the centre (looking happy – very important), with pictures surrounding it (from magazines etc) to represent all aspects of my life as I dream them to be, including family, friends, home, health, work, spirituality, travel etc. Looking at it reminds me of my goals and dreams and plans, and they do say that visualisation is a very powerful tool for manifesting these things. Can’t hurt to try, and there is something very pleasing about seeing all the possibilities laid out in front of you.

That’ll do for now!

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