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All Earth Squared’s designs originate in Scotland, and are then made up in Vietnam. Earth Squared has been working closely with a fair trade company based in Northern Vietnam for the past 6 years. They work together to ensure fair trade criteria are embedded into everyday working life, and the company is a member of BAFTS.


All employees are over 18 years old; are paid 4 times the national minimum wage and working conditions all abide by fair trade criteria. Due to the success of the workshops, good training opportunities and the company’s reputation, there is a waiting list of people wanting to work with the group.


All of the women working are trained on the job at the workshop in Hanoi. Each person is encouraged to progress and learn new skills so that they can be promoted. The working conditions at the workshops are clean and safe and the staff have regular breaks and days off work. There is flexibility for mothers who breastfeed as well as a system in place for women who are unable to come to work due to a child being ill and off school for example.


The company give disadvantaged women the opportunity and support to improve their lives through secure work, training and a healthy working life giving them financial security and self confidence.

Each purchase helps us all to create more work opportunities for other disadvantaged women and change their lives and those of their families.


The products include various ranges of bags, scarves, purses and jewellery rolls, our perennial bestsellers. Each piece is made with care, producing pretty and affordable gifts and accessories for all occasions. Check out our recently added spring scarves and beach bags, and silk velvet jewellery rolls.


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There were over eight hundred entries for the competition we ran on Daisy Green, but of course only one winner, and that was BonnieYork, from Chelmsford in Essex. Enjoy the bag Bonnie!

We have just had some new jewellery rolls in from the same supplier, Earth Squared. They are made of silk velvet, and are gorgeously strokable. And at only £11.99, they make a fabulous gift! browngreenjr

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