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I just bought these (in the sale at Schuh!):

And boy are they comfy! They are squishy inside so it’s like walking on rubber, which you are actually – it’s latex,  a natural rubber.  In fact everything about these trainers is great, from the comfort factor to the ribbon laces to the fact that they are completely ethically produced.

Here’s what the inside of the box tells me about the ingredients of my new shoes:

Latex (as  mentioned just now)

Recycled car tyres – ‘we collect used and landfill-bound car tires, cut them up and use them as outsoles.

Bamboo – bamboo is an endless resource because it is so plentiful. It’s super soft too!

Organic cotton – Our cotton is 100% organic – that means no synthetic pesticides, fertilizers or additives.

Water based glue –  we use all water based glues. Better for the shoe makers and better for you.

Crepe – crepe is another natural rubber. It’s tapped from the hevea tree in the same way maple syrup is tapped from the maple tree.

Recycled inner tubes  – we reuse the rubber from landfill bound car tire inner tubes on many of our shoes.

Hemp – not only is hemp soft but it is one of the wtrongest vegetable fibres available and it grows like a weed!

They call their brand ‘shoes for a happy planet’.  Happy me, too.


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Call me shallow, but I don’t like eco things that look too, you know, ‘eco’. I think you will know what I mean by this, and of course it’s horses for courses. But I really covet these trainers from Ethletic, and if I’m honest it’s probably because they have the bonus of looking like Converse.no_blau_low11

They come in several colours, including white with a red stripe and pink in both classic low cut and hi top. You can buy them at Fair Deal Trading and they cost from around £30. As soon as I’ve worn my current 925 pairs of trainers out, I’ll be buying some for myself.

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