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I met a lovely girl called Ellie  at an eco fair a while ago,  where she was promoting her book, Michael Recycle. It’s a book for children to teach them about the benefits of recycling in a fun and exciting way.


“I’m Michael Recycle for all that I’m worth!
I’m green and I’m keen to save planet Earth!”

Michael Recycle is not just your average super-hero; he’s a new kind of super-hero in a new kind of world. A world that has left reason behind and is eating up its own resources like a monstrous and unstoppable eaty-uppy thing. Where pollution prevails, the number of rainforests is rapidly reducing and littering louts like Litterbug Doug are building towers of trash reaching up to the moon!

Luckily for us Michael Recycle is on a mission to save planet earth from drowning in waste at the hands of its lazy and wasteful inhabitants…but he needs your help!

Join Michael in his recycling revolution…
but remember, have fun!

After all it’s a very renewable resource!

Ellie has also written The Tail of the Whale, and, coming out this month, Litterbug Doug. She has written the books in a lovely rhyming style, which reads well and engages children’s attention. I really recommend this book for making the concept of recycling fun.

To find out more, go to the Michael Recycle website.

Or pop over to Amazon where you can have a look inside before you buy!


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Time, that human construct without which I would be a lot happier because it wouldn’t always be running away, has decided to reduce itself this week, so I am only now writing up last Saturday’s fair.

The first ever Eco Fair in Balham, organised by Lynne from My Eco Self, turned out to be really quite a good day. It wasn’t my best ever fair in terms of sales, but there was a good atmosphere and people enjoyed the free breakfasts laid on by Rude Health, as well as green manicures and a reading of Michael Recycle by its author, Ellie Bethel.

My table was next to that of Lorraine, founder of Akalico, a gorgeous ethical jewellery boutique, so we were able to compare notes about such fascinating things as portable credit card machines and the best ways to advertise. Akalico has already won two awards in its one and a half years of trading, which is most impressive, but not surprising. The jewellery is gorgeous as well as being fair trade – if you’re a fan of silver and/or rings especially, it’s worth checking out. There was even a piece of jewellery named Tara!

One of the best things about doing fairs is meeting the customers face to face, and sometimes you can have a really good conversation about ethical matters. It’s very heartening to encounter enthusiasm not just for the products but also for what Boutiko is about, and of course it all helps to spread the word.

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