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So today my mum and I walked 20km (or 12.5 miles) across the beautiful Sussex Downs with ‘Just Walk’ for the charities of our choice. In my case, it was of course the World Land Trust, for whom my walk has so far saved 6 acres of rainforest! Hooray!

I really want to say an enormous thank you to everyone who has supported me and sponsored me; it’s been hugely encouraging and really spurred me on. Even though I didn’t get in as much training as I’d planned, it went very well and what with the stunning countryside, beautiful sunshine and free food, not to mention the free t shirt at the end it really was a fabulous day!

I definitely plan to do more walking now; apart from everything else, it’s made me appreciate my body and what it can do in a new way. I totally recommend a good cross country walk!


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So, training for the 20km walk….. In my defence I was ill for the first couple of months of intended training time, which left me with just five weeks to get my fitness levels up (from basically zero). I’ve been going to the gym three times a week, then I did a three mile walk, and today I completed a 9.3 mile walk! I had no idea how far I was walking so when I got to the end I was actually quite shocked, and also somewhat relieved, as I had energy to spare, and the only minor complaint was some aching in the back of my legs.

We walked across the Sussex Downs ( the area where in fact the ‘real’ walk will take place), stopping only for a sandwich and then later in Amberley for a cup of tea. The views were beautiful, taking in Amberley Castle, the sea, the River Arun and various villages, and at one point I turned 360 degrees and saw only fields and sky. For a Londoner this is heaven. The walk itself took a little over four hours, and since we walked through rain, sleet and driving winds as well as beautiful sunshine, I feel well equipped for the big day!

Apparently next weekend we’re going to do a longer walk. But I’m happy with 9.3.

Nine point three.

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