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So today my mum and I walked 20km (or 12.5 miles) across the beautiful Sussex Downs with ‘Just Walk’ for the charities of our choice. In my case, it was of course the World Land Trust, for whom my walk has so far saved 6 acres of rainforest! Hooray!

I really want to say an enormous thank you to everyone who has supported me and sponsored me; it’s been hugely encouraging and really spurred me on. Even though I didn’t get in as much training as I’d planned, it went very well and what with the stunning countryside, beautiful sunshine and free food, not to mention the free t shirt at the end it really was a fabulous day!

I definitely plan to do more walking now; apart from everything else, it’s made me appreciate my body and what it can do in a new way. I totally recommend a good cross country walk!


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hiking.jpgThis year is about new and exciting challenges for me, and the other day I decided a good one would be to do a sponsored walk. I walk quite a bit but am not very fit at all, so starting today (or maybe tomorrow) there will need to be a lot of training!

The walk takes place on May 10th, and I’ll be doing it with my mum. It’s 20km across the Sussex Downs, and I’m doing it for the World Land Trust. I spent some time choosing the charity I wanted to support; there is so much choice out there! In the end I felt that an environmental charity reflected my beliefs best, and is also in keeping with a large part of what Boutiko is about.

The World Land Trust is an international conservation organisation working to preserve the world’s most biologically important and threatened lands. Supported by Sir David Attenborough and working with local organisations in Central and South America, the Philippines and India, the trust has helped protect over 350,000 acres of threatened wildlife habitats since its foundation in 1989.

I’m a huge fan of David Attenborough and I think the work the WLT does is invaluable for protecting areas and wildlife around the world which otherwise would be destroyed. They are currently working to create new reserves to save threatened habitats in Brazil, Ecuador and India.

I’ll be posting from time to time about my training progress; only four months to go so better get cracking! And of course any donations will be extremely welcome. There is a button on the right which will take you straight to my fundraising page.

Now where’s that pedometer……

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