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I have just discovered a new blog, set up by two keen bloggers Rachel Lyddon and Emma Castle, which aims to encourage people to find new ways of being ‘that little bit greener’.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

“We decided to create this blog as a place to share information, stories, links, tips and tutorials that will, hopefully, inspire you to make some of those changes. We know that we don’t need to tell you about recycling, shopping locally or changing your lightbulbs! We know that many of you do lots of these things already. And we know that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of “green” websites and blogs already out there. We are not experts and we are far from perfect! But we wanted to add our contribution, to try and be “that little bit greener”, and we want you to get involved too.”

The girls welcome contributions, simply contact them on thatlittlebitgreener@hotmail.co.uk.  A good opportunity to get on your soap box or simply share a cunning tip you discovered last week involving recycled loo rolls.


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Being interested of course in all things green and gift related, and also a huge fan of anything creative, I was really excited to come across Simply Green. Danny Seo has written several green related books, including ‘Simply Green Giving’, a book about creating and wrapping eco friendly and beautiful gifts, from recycled candles to shirtsleeve wine bottle wrapping.   And in his blog there are lots of ideas and beautiful photos to inspire you. I will definitely be trying out a few of his ideas, and will produce photographic evidence if they’re any good!

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